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This is a little Introduction about me

Hi, My name is Junaid Imtiaz and I am doing Master in Electrical Engineering (Major in Telecommunications Engineering). In Telecommunications Engineering I mostly work in "Network and Security" part. I like to figure out the flaws, loopholes and vulnerabilities in the network and try to find the way through which that problem can be solved.

I also love doing programming stuff and always curious to learn new and efficient ways to develop websites and softwares. Now you would think that if I am an Electrical Engineer then why I am doing programming, Isn't this the job of software programmer? Well the answer is "Software Programming is in every field". No matter where you go and in which field you work you will always need software programmer. Like I still have to do programming in the networking field. By the way it was my hobby as well and I really liked it very much because I am always learning something new and ofcourse I am not wasting my time. Whenever I have a free time I just start some project and create something useful.

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My Education History.

I consider myself lucky that I got my education from one of the top Institutions.
They made it possible to get the most out of myself, polish my skills and the most Important Work Hard.

August 2015-2017

M.E. (Electrical Engineering)

Masters in Electrical Engineering (Major in Telecommunications Engineering) from City College of New York (CUNY), US.

Aug-Jun 2010-2014

BS in Engineering Sciences (Lasers and Optoelectronics)

Completed my Bachelors in Science degree from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology (GIKI), Topi, Pakistan.



Following are some of my professional Skills.

These skills make me suitable and competitive enough
to work in any professional work environment. I believe in myself and work hard to make IMPOSIBLE possible



HyperText Markup Language



Cascading Style Sheets



Greatly simplifies the work. A very handy JavaScript library.



PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and Structured Query Language



My personal choice for developing software is in C#



Worked on Android App in Eclipse



Web Services



Matrix Laboratory


My recent Projects.

Following , are my recent projects.

Project AMP

Microsoft Imagine Cup (2014)

Localite Proximus

Final Year Project (GIKI)

Data Transmission through Laser

Data Transmission using Amplitude Modulation of Laser

My name is Junaid Imtiaz and I believe in three things "Imagination, Preparation and Implementation"

- JI -


My Experience History.

I am just very flexible and adapt myself to the local working conditions,
easy going and funny sometime. I consider my social behavior acceptable for most of the professional people.

Internee at Ericsson

Worked on GSM Architecture, Call flow systems in Telecommunication Systems, Debugging of BTS sites through Software and Computer Networking.

From Jun 2013 to Aug 2013

Alfalah Electronics

Alfalah Electronics is my family owned business. I started working there in 2012 and left in 2014 when I came to USA. I helped them in their computer hardware, software and networking department. I built the company website and nowadays maintaining it remotely.

From Jan 2012 to Aug 2014

Web Developer and SEO expert

As a web developer I have made many websites for different companies including Travel Agencies, Home Appliance companies, Surgical Instruments companies and Apparel companies. Moreover I did and am currently doing the Search Engine Optimization of these websites and has improved their ranking considerably. I am maintaining these websites as well and managing a team such as content writers, developers, designers and other SEO experts. On the side I am always learning new technologies that could just simplify my work and improve the efficiency of the system.

From Jan 2013 to Present

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